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Ninja VS Zombies

Created in 3 days for a Game Jam

A 2D Platformer gamefor windows, with AI enemies to make life difficult. High up in the mountains, a ninja comes out of his Igloo after ages of penance. Finds himself in the middle of an Zombie apocalypse with every living thing from cute ladies to eagles all turned to zombies. He is 10 Bases away from his destination help him reach there safely.

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Evilbots Part-1

Beginning of something Great. Sequels to follow.

A 3D First Person Shooter Game for windows, with AI Bots trying to kill everything that moves. Thousands of Evil Bots released all over the world, by a crazy Scientist. They can sense you from pretty large distance. Soldier receives an alert about a group of Evil Bots near his locality. There should be 15-25 of them. Try to shoot them from a long distance, trust me you don't want to get close to them. Use your radar to identify the bots location and destroy them.

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Cowgirl Adventures

Created in 2 days for a Game Jam

A Simple 2D Platformer game for windows, but really difficult to complete - try for yourself. Our Heroine finds herself stranded in a strange place filled with spikes and acid, help her get back to safety.

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Reto's Mission

Single level 2D challenge 🏆

Single hard level - 2D platformer game for Android. can you take up the challenge? Our heroine, Reto is stranded all alone in a dangerous world with acid filed pits, giant spikes, and saws. Help her to get home safely. Collect coins on your way and use them to save Reto on mishaps.

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Customer Are Saying

Super fun game the graphics matched very nice and the games looks are pleasing. Eagles were hard to kill.

Mitchell Todd

LMOB Game Jam - player

Enjoyed the game had fun playing it! You did a good job with balancing the game it didn't feel too easy or too hard.


Ninja VS Zombies - player

Really liked the art of this game. Definitely worth playing it! A superb game overall.

SKR Production

Ninja VS Zombies - player

Nice game, time killing

Manohar Mandala

TicTacToe TedToby - player

Nice game, nice coding. Thanks for sharing

Ashish Ranjan

CarGame - project user