Web Development

Started with a website for our college, we have created numerous websites and webapps. Leading our dream career to help people with theirs. Other than our services to create sites and apps on demand, we also have created was collection of webapps. Our apps ranging from educational to fun apps. Check some of our sites and apps here!

Ongoing Projects

Dress for DudeZ

Dress for DudeZ is a wholesale and retailer of mens garments, based in Chennai. With the response they received on instagram for their collections, they have opted to go online with a website. Digital world has opened vast opportunities for online sales.

Blog pages

Freedom Hacker

Freedom hacker is a travel blogger, a fun and adventure loving guy from india. With over 5k instagram followers, some of his posts has went viral. We have created a Blog Page for him to share his love for travel and his experiences with the world. He has such a strong passion for blogs, learned a lot about bloggers prospective working with him.

Web Apps

Flames Calculator

Flames is a fun game to calculate the relationship with 2 names. FLAMES => F - Friend, L - Love, A - Affection, M - Marraige, E - Enemy, S - Sister. Try now

Love Calculator

Love never dies, Love Meters never lose craze. Lets calculate your love, try our Love Meter now

We Have 5 Year Expereince in development and services

Lighting up more dreams, stepping into our great sixth year

Our name says it all we are just coders, turned to professionals with lots of learning and experience. Masters in Web development, from personal to professional, sites to apps we can do anything and everything you would need in web. A Website could change your game, our prices could change your mind.

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